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Behind seat Heatshiled cover for 2015-24 Trail50 (900),TurboS,XP Turbo,TrailS 900/1000, 2015-23 XP (1000) and XP4.

This will not fit the PRO.

This heatshield fits behind/under the seats and attaches to the back wall with heavy-duty velcro. It has an easy-access (velcro) opening over the oil gauge and electric panel. Made of water-repellent solution-dyed material, padded with light-weight high-density foam and the reverse side is heat-reflective material. Available in black only! Pictures show the behind seat cover and the Console cover. Console cover is sold seperately. 

RZR Behind Seat Heatshield 2015-24 Trail50 and 2015-23 XP

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