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Console Cover Heatshiled for PRO XP/TURBO R/PRO R models. 

Fits 2-seater and 4-seater. Fits Sport (standard seat belt system) and Ultimate/Premium (Harness belting system). All pieces come with slit-shift and storage flap.

Rear seat center console and Behind seat sold seperately!!

This perfectly fitted center console heatshield fits over the front console between the passenger and driver seat, into the cup holders (removable), snuggly arount the shifter(slit-shift) and hangs slightly under each seat and covers to the floor baords to the front wall. Built with Next Gen Heat Reflective material on the underside-95.0% Radiant Reflectivity! There are precut slits for each seat belt buckle. No slipping or movement. Easy install. Made of water-repellent solution-dyed material, padded with light-weight high-density foam and the reverse side is heat-reflective material. Available in black only!

You will need to specify if it a 2-seater or a 4-seater with option buttons.

You will also need to specify, when ordering, if you need the Sport (stock seat belts) or the Ultimate (harness belt system-no cutout).

All come with the passenger side storage compartment cutout flap and the Slit-Shift opening over the shifter. The storage flap has 3-side velcro closure and allows easy access to the compartment if you utilize it. 

PRO XP/TURBO R/PRO R-Front Seat Center Console Heat Shield EXCLUSIVE ITEM!

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